7-Day Rotisserie Chicken Dinner Meal Plan


This 7-day meal plan highlights a single rotisserie chicken and provides a full shopping list to remove any worries of eating on a budget.



This 7-day dinner meal plan is sure to be a hit. It’s centered around the greatest protein option on a budget – the rotisserie chicken. If you’re a couple looking to trim food expenses, check this out!

The plan opens up with some essential items we suggest always having on hand in your kitchen, including a list of spices that make life easier.

Then, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to break down a rotisserie chicken best to maximize its value.

Finally, you’ll have access to 5 recipes totaling 7 meals and the grocery list that comes with it all.

This plug-and-play meal plan will save you time, money, and stress as you navigate eating on a budget. At the low cost that replicates the very chicken it focuses on, how could you say no?!? Snag your copy now!

How to access: You will receive an email with instant access to download the PDF file. Click the link and download a copy of the Rotisserie Chicken Dinner Plan and save onto your device.


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