Are you finding yourself more and more stressed with money?

Financial coaching helps teach everyday folks the reasoning behind their money habits and breaks down the difficult-to-understand language into clear action steps. Through this growth comes a renewed sense of security with money on the path toward financial empowerment.

Working with Haley and Justin will help you on your journey to money empowerment.

Haley and Justin sitting together in a park - Financial Coaches

Haley and Justin Brown-Woods are a married, millennial couple that began their debt-free journey in the Fall of 2019. After blowing through a $600,000 lawsuit payout and racking up over $220,000 worth of debt in three and a half years, they got serious about changing the narrative they had created for their lives. Within 18 months, they had paid off over $130,000 of debt and restarted their wealth journey.

During this period, they began their podcast Price of Avocado Toast. Their focus has been on having open and honest money conversations with others to help remove the stigmas and shame around finances. The hope is that these conversations enlighten the younger versions of themselves and save them from the pitfalls Haley and Justin fell into.

In 2021, Haley began the financial coaching branch of Price of Avocado Toast. She brought Justin onto the team in 2023 and together they have helped clients tackle over $700,000 of debt. Now their family is working towards generational wealth building and a future of outrageous generosity.

Price of Avocado Toast Financial Coaching clients have paid off $700,000+ of debt since August 1st, 2021

Packages and Price Lists

All coaching packages include:

  • 1:1 coaching, mentoring and your #1 finance cheerleader

  • A personalized budget that reflects your lifestyle and values

  • Monthly group Zoom sessions for all POAT clients & graduates

  • Access to our private Facebook group for community and support

  • Unlimited support via email, text, phone call, Instagram DM, etc

  • Payment plans available for each package

Haley wearing a Budget Girl sweatshirt

Intensive Package – 4 Month Program

  • Who this is for:
    • Typical for couples who are on the brink of a separation or divorce because money is driving them apart. These people needed help yesterday.
  • Meet three times per month for 4 months

Investment options:

  • 4 monthly payments of $515
  • 8 biweekly payments of $277
Haley wearing a Budget Girl sweatshirt

Standard Package – 6 Month Program

  • Who this is for:
    • Someone who is looking for consistency
    • Someone who doesn’t feel like they resonate with the descriptions for the other two packages
  • Twice monthly meetings for 6 months
  • The most popular coaching package

Investment options:

  • 6 monthly payments of $347
  • 12 biweekly payments of $185
Haley wearing a Budget Girl sweatshirt

The Sampler Package – 6 Month Program

  • Who this is for:
    • Someone who has previously paid off debt, effectively used a budget, or they know what they need to be doing. This person is looking for accountability so they can get back on track
  • Weekly meetings for the first month
  • Biweekly meetings for 3 months
  • Monthly meetings during the final 2 months

Investment options:

  • 6 monthly payments of $347
  • 12 biweekly payments of $185
Haley wearing a Budget Girl sweatshirt

Evaluation Process

Please answers all of the questions with as many details as possible to ensure that Haley and Justin are fully able to assess your financial situation and make the most informed decision about your acceptance into the program.

We’ll ask you about your financial situation, your big goals, your debt situation, and income.

And also what you hope to get out of having a financial coach so your experience can be tailored to your situation.

It’s FREE to apply, so don’t hold back – let’s see if we’re a right fit for each other and get you set on your path to financial freedom.


“Working with Haley for the past year has been a huge accomplishment for my husband and I. We paid off $54,700 worth of our debt but our biggest win was being able to cash flow an out-of-state vacation that would have previously been put entirely on credit cards. Coaching changed our lives and went so much further than just money. It strengthened our marriage. It was a vulnerable experience, letting someone in on your finances the way we did for a year, but we felt like a team the entire time and I genuinely feel like Haley wants us to win as much as we do.”

Courtney and Rob


“Before coaching I never thought about the money I was making, but I now value my money, I feel so much more confident, and finally feel like I have financial control. My mindset has totally shifted and I know that my money is there to support me.  Haley helped me realize that I can dream big, have nice things, and that money is my friend!”


New York

“I feel like I can be more honest with myself and where I am in within my debt free (attempt) journey than I was at the beginning. Talking to Haley is like talking to an old friend.”

Loren of Nevada



“I was super excited to work with Haley because I knew she would be able to make me more comfortable with my finances. I didn’t have any sort of budgeting strategy when I started and now I have a solid budget that is very easy to navigate. Haley made our sessions fun and enjoyable. She makes talking about money super easy and comfortable!”

Peyton of South Dakota


South Dakota