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Everything but the Bagel is an exclusive membership community for Toasties who would love to have support on their financial journey for only $17/month.

We would’ve loved this type of group on our debt-free journey, so we figured we should use our platform to facilitate one!

This group is for those who enjoy connecting with others on a similar path. It features our customizable budget, access to a private Facebook group, and monthly coaching calls for accountability and community.

You’ll meet people walking their financial journey who can share their strategies and success, areas for growth, and all of the difficult moments that push us forward in life.

We recommend this community to those who feel they don’t need private coaching but would love to build relationships with others in a familiar situation.

What’s Included?

2 Group Coaching Zoom Calls per Month

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Access to Pre-Made 2023 Budgeting Templates and Spending Trackers

Essentially, Everything but 1:1 Coaching

If you want to…

Get your finances together in 2023

Find community with others in their financial journey

Stay accountable with your money goals

Get help with your goals on a budget

…then this is for you!