Haley and Justin from Price of Avocado Toast

Meet Haley & Justin

Haley and Justin Brown-Woods are a married, millennial couple that began their debt-free journey in the Fall of 2019. After blowing through a $600,000 lawsuit payout and racking up over $220,000 worth of debt in three and a half years, they got serious about changing the narrative they had created for their lives. Within 18 months, they had paid off over $130,000 of debt and restarted their wealth journey.

During this period, they began their podcast Price of Avocado Toast. Their focus has been on having open and honest money conversations with others to help remove the stigmas and shame around finances. The hope is that these conversations enlighten the younger versions of themselves and save them from the pitfalls Haley and Justin fell into.

In 2021, Haley began the financial coaching branch of Price of Avocado Toast. She brought Justin onto the team in 2023 and together they have helped clients tackle over $700,000 of debt. Now their family is working towards generational wealth building and a future of outrageous generosity.

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“I feel more confident in my ability to create a budget each month. I have more control over my spending habits. If I want to include something in my budget for the next month, I just have to look at my expenses and move things around or earn more money the next month. I don’t see money as a burden anymore – I see it as a tool to do things I

Amber Huggins

Amber Huggins

One-to-One Coaching Client